Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Participant Information

Welcome to the Housing Authority of the County of Lebanon (HACL) and its Section 8 Housing Assistance Program. Whether you are new to the Section 8 program or an experienced Section 8 participant, we believe the information presented below will enable you to understand how the Section 8 Housing Assistance program works and to point out your rights and responsibilities as a participating family.

The information on this page is a brief summary of the Section 8 Program. To obtain a more in-depth explanation of the Section 8 Program, we encourage you to consult “A Participant’s Guide to the Section 8 Housing Assistance Program,” which can be found in the Document Library. The complete Participant's Guide explains in detail HACL's policies and procedures regarding tenant selection, leasing a dwelling, security deposits, rent and utilities, inspections, terminations, and other important information. For a detailed understanding of specific Section 8 rules and regulations, you may consult the "Section 8 Administrative Plan," also be found in the Document Library.

We are pleased to welcome you to the Section 8 Program, and we look forward to a successful working relationship with you. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

  What is Section 8?
  Cycle of Section 8 Participation
  Roles and Responsibilities
  Family Obligations
  Receiving Housing Assistance
  Determining Annual Income
  Calculation Tenant Rent & HAP
  Reporting Changes in Income or Family Composition
  Basic Housing Quality Standards
  Rent Ready Criteria
  Annual Rent Increases
  Change of Ownership
  Lease Terminations
  Fair Housing
  Security Deposits & Fees
  Rent Reasonableness
  Contact HACL